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In a world that has a confused sense of manhood, Kingology is like a time machine that connects modern men to the timeless and classical principles of original manhood. These are not principles based in misogyny or male chauvinism, as many might assume. When Kingology refers to the man as King, it is a reference to his being a servant leader to the family and society. It is a reference to him being the highest quality of man there is.


Kingology awakens the man’s king consciousness. It serves to mature the way the man thinks. In a day and time when men are in a moral coma and are suffering from amnesia regarding their responsibilities and roles to society Kingology serves as a guide to doing manhood the way God intended.


Kingology focuses on a man’s mindset, his relationships with women and his responsibility to model moral, spiritual and financial excellence in the world. It is the man’s handbook for walking in dominion as the creator planned. 


Kingology is the study of kings.

Kingology Study Guide

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